Whether you are towing the latest Riviera Sports Yacht or simply need to take the odd trailer load of rubbish to the tip. GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes can find the latest towing solution to meet your needs. For all your towing supplies on the Gold Coast, conveniently located in Southport, call the team at GCSSB.

How many times have you found yourself needing to haul something on a trailer but can't because you don't have a towbar installed on your car? Whether it's moving furniture, disposing of garden waste or simply moving an item that is just too big to fit in the boot, the ability to use a trailer is an enormous convenience sometimes.

Here at GCSSB, we supply and fit all towbars for a variety of applications. We are able to offer you tow-bar installation locally in Southport on the Gold Coast for a wide range of vehicles. No matter if you have a 4x4, a sedan, wagon, ute or even a coupe, we can install a towbar on your vehicle for a competitive price.

Using a towbar on any vehicle immediately increases the load that the vehicle is carrying, this additional weight can affect the handling of your vehicle, reducing steering and braking capability. Depending on the weight of what you are towing you may require additional load carrying solutions for the rear of your vehicle. 80% of the braking of any vehicle is done through the front brakes and without correct weight distribution this can be severely affected. The specialists at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes can expertly assess the towing capabilities of your vehicle and recommend solutions for your towing needs.

Identifyingyour towing requirements is essential to making the right decision about the towing solution you purchase. When planning a road holiday, the type of towing solution you will need will depend entirely on what kinds of roads you will be travelling on, how long you will be going for and what you will be towing, for example a camper trailer, caravan or boat.

It is important to consider your vehicle's maximum towing capacity and the maximum towball weight and if possible also know the weight of your fully loaded trailer. Your maximum trailer/caravan weight must not exceed your vehicle's maximum towing capacity. The type of towbar you have and the maximum towing capacity of your towbar also determines the accessories you can use. All this informationis used by the dedicated team at GCSSB to assist you in finding the correct towing solution for your needs.

Gross Trailer Mass or GTM is the force measured on the axle of your fully loaded trailer. If the GTM exceeds 750kg you are required to have a braking system installed on your trailer in addition to your vehicle's brakes. Talk to our friendly staff today about fitting a brake control system to your trailer.

If your vehicle's suspension has already been checked and /or upgraded by one of our qualified specialists and you are still experiencing sagging in the rear of your vehicle when towing, you may need to consider using a Weight Distribution System for your trailer. Using a Weight Distribution System doesn't change the tow ball weight, but what it does do is evenly distributes the load through your vehicle's chassis to all four wheels. Weight Distribution Systems change the point at which the load is transferred to the vehicle, so instead of the entire force being on the towball, the weight is evenly distributed over the axles of the vehicle and trailer. This balances the vehicle weight correctly to give you added brake control, steering ability and overall a vehicle control for the safety of you, your cargo and other road users.

Along with weight distribution control, trailer sway is the next biggest concern for those who tow. Although trailer sway is most commonly caused by high winds and buffeting by trucks, it can also be affected by towing speed, tyre pressure and suspension. Sway Controllers are used in conjunction with Weight Distribution Systems to prevent trailer sway by reducing and inhibiting movement at the pivot point between the trailer and the towball. There are different Sway Controler options depending on your trailer and towing requirements. Call us today for more information.

Here at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes we supply and fit all towing related equipment from towballs to ECUs to full weight distribution and sway control systems and all the products we stock are made completely in Australia, to Australian Standards and Specifications.

If you would like to get a quote for towbar fitting, or you would like to book in an appointment just give us a call on 5532 3772 today