For all your Power Steering needs on the Gold Coast, come in and see the team at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes, conveniently located in Southport. Our specialists are highly trained in the every aspect of steering related issues for every make and model vehicle, from classic old school to just rolled off the showroom floor.

Almost all vehicles from passenger cars to SUVs are now fitted with power steering systems. The power steering on your car hydraulically assists in effortlessly turning and manoeuvring your vehicle on the road. You can immediately notice this difference if you find yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle without power steering. As your vehicle turns, the front two wheels (if your car is 2WD), or all four wheels (if your car is 4WD or AWD) actually turn at different anglesso that the inside wheel can make a tighter turn than the outside, imagine on a race track, the inside lane is a shorter distance than the outside lane. Having your power steering regularly serviced ensures the correct alignment and angles for optimum turning ability.

There are many components involved in the power steering system of your vehicle. The power steering rack (sometimes called the rack and pinion steering rack)converts the rotational movement of the steering wheel to lateral movement between the wheels. The ends of the rack are connected to the tie-rod ends, which join to the steering arm behind the wheels. A power steering box is used in vehicles where space is an issue, as with a complete rack it converts the rotational movement of the steering wheel into lateral movement, but this time via the pitman arm and centre track rod. At the heart of the power steering system is the power steering pump, it propels high pressure steering fluid into the piston chamber and through the piston in a power steering rack and into the chamber of a power steering pump, to assist in effortless and smooth steering;this action creates the power steering assist. There are also many smaller, but no less significant, components that make up a power steering system including, high pressure lines, bushes, filters, valves, boots, bearings, seals, drive belts, pulleys, and torsion bars to name a few. Our staff are expertly trained in all aspects of power steering, and have the experience to successfully diagnose any issue.

As with any pressurised system, there are potentially a number of problems that you can encounter. High pressure lines leaking or breaking, seals blowing on the power steering rack or box, leaking reservoirs and torn rack boots which can lead to dirt and other contaminants entering into the system. The most common indicators of an issue with your power steering are shuddering of the steering wheel when turning, slack in the steering wheel (i.e. when you can wiggle your steering wheel back and forth without the wheels turning), whining or knocking noises, if you notice your steering becoming heavier and of course, if you notice power steering fluid pooling in your garage.

This can lead to at a minimum, steering and wheel alignment issues which can lead to excessive or uneven tyre wear. However, if these symptoms remain unchecked, in extreme circumstances, fluid loss can result in the power steering completely seizing and your vehicle will become heavier to drive than a Mack truck. Another more concerning element is that power steering fluid is the most flammable liquid in your vehicle, even more than petrol, and again, only in rare cases, if the problem is ignored, a leak in the system can eventually drip onto the exhaust and ignite.

Any signs that may indicate an issue with your power steering should be immediately checked by one of our professionals at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes. Our specialist staff are highly trained in the steering systems for all vehicle makes and models and can provide you with first-class service. As one of the most fundamental functions of any vehicle, getting a quality power steering repair or maintenance service is crucial. Having over 50 years combined industry experience, our record speaks for itself and we can guarantee you a superior service that's both competitive and focuses on the safety of you and your passengers.

If you discover a problem with your power steering, you may be told that reconditioning of your rack, pump or box is enough to fix the problem. The difference between reconditioning and remanufacturing a power steering part is enormous. The process of reconditioning involves replacing only the broken parts, if a part is worn but still intact, it won't be touched. A remanufactured product is completely stripped down to the shell and all components are replaced with new. It is then put through complete pressure testing of all seals and valves to guarantee the quality is as good as if not better than original manufacturer specifications. Our power steering racks, boxes and pumps come with a 2 year/ 40,000km warranty, meet all Australian Standards and are completely remanufactured so you can be assured of the best quality at the best price.

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