When it comes to performance upgrades for your vehicle, GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes is the only name you need to remember. Our experts can take your ride to the next level with suspension, brakes, engine and exhaust modifications. We custom design solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you are looking to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, feel the need for increased speed, or want your car turning heads, here at GCSSB, we have the knowhow to achieve your goals. Conveniently located in Southport on the Gold Coast we can create the perfect custom modifications to enhance your car's design and performance.

There are many advantages to be gained from quality modifications. You can significantly improve the handling performance and responsiveness of your vehicle by upgrading your car's suspension. Modifications to your engine and exhaust systems can increase your car's fuel efficiency or alternatively give you added torque and power.

For many motor enthusiasts, a vehicle that rolls straight off the showroom floor just doesn't quite cut it. Thankfully, our specialists know exactly how to take your ride from bland to slammed, with a range of options to suit you and your vehicle.

There are several ways we can increase the road handling performance of your vehicle. Wider wheels and tyres not only look great they give you improved road-gripping, turning precision and braking. High performance shocks, springs and/or coilovers can give you a firmer ride and ensure your tyres stay in contact with the road over slight bumps and road deviations and at high speeds. Upgrading the suspension on your vehicle will also give you the ride height you are looking for whether it be fully jacked, or slammed to the pavement.Changing the Anti-Roll/Sway Bars to ones with a larger diameter gives you greater vehicle levelling and optimises tyre/road surface contact. Replacing your front suspension's fixed rubber mounts with adjustable strut top mounts (also known as camber plates) gives a greater alignment range and allows for finer tuning and better road handling and cornering.Converting the rubber lines of your vehicle's brakes, power-steering and hydraulics with stainless-steel braided line will increase the responsiveness of your brakes and steering and prevent deterioration due to heat. Drum brakes on your vehicle are heavier and less responsive than disc brakes, by changing your drum brakes over to disc brakes your car will be lighter and stop more efficiently. If you already have disc brakes fitted to your vehicle, these can be upgraded to bigger discs and high-quality calipers to give you even more stopping power essential if you are planning to increase your engine capabilities.

The two directly related components to engine output are torque (measured in newton metres) and power (measured in kilowatts or horsepower). Increasing either or both will give you a faster and more powerful engine. Typically an engine operates as such, a piston moves down allowing air at atmospheric pressure to be drawn into the combustion chamber, in a specific ratio it combines with fuel to produce energy through combustion from a spark plug. To improve a car's performance we can make this combustion more powerful by modifying your car's engine to accept more air and fuel while still maintaining the delicate balance of fuel and oxygen. Torque is a measure of the twisting force applied to rotate an object, effectively in an engine it is the product of the force and the length of the lever arm. Increasing the stroke of the piston will increase the torque by allowing more air into the combustion chamber and in essence giving you a bigger bang. To increase the power without changing the torque there are numerous other options. A supercharger pressurizes the air above atmospheric pressure, in effect condensing the oxygen particles to allow more fuel into the chamber and creating a larger combustion. High quality air filters allow more airflow into the engine while also blocking impurities and contaminants to create a more efficient air/fuel combination. Cold air intake kits transfer cold air into the internal combustion engine increasing engine performance due to cold air being denser than warm air, supplying more oxygen for a more dynamic combustion. These are just a few of the diverse range of modifications our specialists can implement to take your vehicle to the performance level you desire. Call today to discuss your options.

In addition to 'under the hood' custom vehicle mods, we are also able to carry our expert body modifications to enhance the appearance of your ride. Body kits and other design modifications can improve both the aerodynamics and performance of your vehicle, in addition to simply looking really good. No matter the type of vehicle you own we can improve it with a quality body design modification.

If you are building your dream car from the ground up, we can provide you with all the parts and industry knowhow you need. Our workshop also houses a few of our own projects, keep updated with their progress on our photo gallery page.

We know each and every one of our custom vehicle mods clients share our passion for cars. This is why we take care to only offer expert engineering and the highest level of customer service, to ensure that their high standards are met.

If you would like to learn more about the range of custom vehicle mod we offer, then please don't hesitate to call us on 07 5532 3772 today.