For all your Brake needs on the Gold Coast, conveniently located in Southport, come see the team at GCSSB. It is well known that one of the most crucial components of any vehicle are the brakes. There are many things that can cause brake malfunctions, from worn discs and drums, to misaligned calipers and more. This is why it is crucial to have your brakes repaired by a brake specialist who can correctly identify the problem and expertly fix it. The mechanics at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes have over 50 years combined experience in brake servicing & repairs and are highly trained in all makes and models.

Here at GCSSB we create customised braking solutions not only to suit your vehicle but also your personal performance requirements. If you require increased stopping power due to load carrying or upgraded engine capacity, our specialists can tailor a braking system to your needs. As an independently operated and locally owned workshop, we stock all major brands at the most competitive prices. We perform all facets of brake repairs, from brake pad replacement to entire custom-made braking systems.

Certain brake components such as disc rotors, brake pads, drum rotors and drum shoes are considered consumable components, by the nature of their design they are intended to be replaced as they wear out. There are many signs that can indicate your brakes are due for replacement and should be checked by our team of professionals.

Vibration underheavy braking can indicate warped or grooved disc rotors, noisy/squealing brakes can be attributed to worn out brake pads or glazed rotors, If your vehicle pulls left or right when braking, this can signal an operational fault such as a seized caliper or a deeper issue related to your suspension and steering. If you notice any problems with your Brake Pedal such as, sticking (i.e. when your brake pedal fails to release), pulsating, the pedal is extremely heavy to push in, the pedal doesn't engage your brakes unless it is fully depressed or if your brake pedal becomes spongy, book in today to have your vehicle assessed by one of our experts. If your Brake Warning Light is coming on, one or more of your brake components may be about to fail or be due for replacement, or if your brakes are grabbing or locking with only light pressure it is vital to yours and your passengers' safety to have this inspected straight away.

Some of the brake services we offer for all passenger vehicles, 4WDs, caravans, trailers, light commercial, classic and high performance vehicles include, disc rotor and drum machining, caliper servicing, rebuilding and replacement, brake pad and shoe replacement, wheel cylinder serviceand replacement, remanufacture of both flexible and hard lines and brake hydraulic servicing. Please note, disc rotor and drum machining can only be carried out if there is enough metal to remain within thickness tolerances according to manufacturer specifications. We supply and/or fit any brake components for all classic car restorations no matter how rare. All brands we sell either equal or exceed original manufacture specifications so you can be confident your brakes will be repaired to the highest standard and with the best quality components to ensure you get superior braking performance.

If you notice any change in the effectiveness of your brakes then it is very important to get them checked out as soon as possible. At GC Suspension Steering & Brakes we are proud to say our expert in-house mechanics have extensive experience with a wide range of braking systems. We can both correctly diagnose and perform brake repairs for a wide range of issues to ensure your car is safe to drive again. We take pride in providing high quality services for a really affordable price, it's all just part of the GCSSB experience.

At GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes we can do complete performance upgrades on your vehicle. With any performance upgrade it is essential to firstly upgrade your braking system, the more engine power you have the more stopping power you need! Our experienced team can turn your vehicle from stock... to rock!

It is important to remember road conditions, load carrying, engine upgrades and worn brake components can all dramatically affect your stopping distance. That is why it is essential to have good quality brakes for your safety and the safety of other road users.

If you would like to learn more about any of our services, or you would like to request a quote, simply call 5532 3772. We are more than happy to book you in for a brake repair service over the phone.